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Spark Online Retail was started to help small and mid-sized ecommerce companies, startups, product brands and local businesses establish an online website.  Along with that, we can provide  advertising and marketing services.  Experts in ecommerce design, web design and development, we will work to exceed your expectations by utilizing a combination of industry knowledge, education and experience.

Why partner with Spark Online Retail?

There is a trend and shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores which makes having your own online store paramount.  If you want to keep a physical store, there is still the opportunity to expand your customer base by going digital. The same is true for consulting firms and organizations.  Going digital increases brand awareness and visibility to a larger group of people online while establishing a professional digital presentation of your products or services.  We always welcome the opportunity to meet in person (with social distancing), online over Zoom Meeting, by phone or email to discuss your vision for the future and help make it a reality.



Ben Mozzer

Founder and Owner

Expert web and ecommerce site designer with an MBA Degree and Project Management specialization. Completed the Certified Internet Web (CIW) Professional program and obtained the Master CIW Designer certificate. Started and ran an ecommerce business for 10 years. Instructed three web and ecommerce site design training classes.  Relevant expertise includes web and ecommerce site design, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing.  Likes spending time with his family including dog Marley, watching football and baseball.

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